We provide commercial representation for your most valuable business asset—you.

Specializing in End-User Representation, Tenants are our Primary FocuS.

Elle Realty, Commercial helps you navigate the complex challenges of acquiring commercial real estate by providing timely and relevant advice. We pride ourselves on taking care of all of our clients with the same integrity, attention to detail, and utmost professionalism that our team has built its reputation on.

Elle Realty, Commercial offers unbiased expert real estate representation. We offer a personal, professional, and proactive approach to best serve your commercial real estate needs. We value your trust and take protecting your rights and bottom line very seriously.

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Are you negotiating on a level playing field?

The Landlord has professional representation AND negotiates leases on a daily basis. They are in the business of maximizing their profits. Shouldn’t you be too?

Our goal is to maximize your profits by negotiating the strongest lease terms by focusing exclusively on what’s best for you. There are many costs over and above the basic rent per square foot. Do you know what they are? Landlords and property managers do, and they want to generate the most money possible. If you don’t know what concessions to ask for, they’re not going to offer them to you.

For most businesses, real estate is the second largest operating expense following labor costs. By utilizing Elle Realty, Commercial’s tenant representation services – in most cases at no cost to you – we handle the negotiations to get you the best possible deal so you can get back to your business. Let us handle the details; you’ve leveled the playing field!

Commercial Real Estate Services

  • Strategic planning

    Focusing on your business, we analyze your expansion/ consolidation plans to deliver the best long-term real estate solution

  • renewals & restructurings

    Knowing your options, we analyze the details of your renewal against the current market & what other landlords are offering

  • needs assessment

    Helping you define your space requirements, we recommend appropriate occupancy solutions for your business


    Helping you get the best deal, we speak the language and provide skillful lease negations


    Understanding the market & focusing on your needs, we identify suitable space alternatives

  • site selection & acquisition

    Navigating the complex challenges of purchasing commercial real estate, we help you locate & analyze each property from an investment standpoint

  • relocations

    Providing timely & relevant advice, we understand there is a lot to consider when relocating your business


    Managing the process, from start to finish, we take care of the details

Serving the Community

Elle Realty is a boutique real estate brokerage firm serving the needs of East Dallas and surrounding areas for near a decade. Elle Realty, Commercial Division was established to serve that same community because we see that many of our existing clients are the same people, the entrepreneurs and small-to-midsized business owners that make East Dallas such a unique place to live, work, and play.

We take great pride in being property advisors and tenant advocates. We are Elle Realty, Commercial – East Dallas, Local-Business Tenant Reps.

718 North Buckner Blvd, Suite 304
Dallas, Texas 75218

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